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About us

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Theatre Nerds Store! We are owned and operated by the same crazy folks at

Who we are?

We are just a bunch of theatre nerds that want to show our pride by coming together and creating a vibrant-valuable community of thespians.

What we sell?

We offer theatre-themed clothing, or as we like to call it; swag. Most of our designs come in shirts, hoodies, tank tops, & even stickers. We also plan on adding more merchandise in the future.

Why sell swag?

The first answer is because it's awesome. The second answer is the proceeds go to pay our amazing writers at We need money to help keep the website & social media communities running smoothly. Dough helps us provide more resources and engaging content for our readers/users. 

The humans?

This is Ben, Editor-in-Nerd.

I started this small Facebook page a couple years ago to help bring thespians together to share laughs & resources. Now as we grow larger, I am excited for the ability to bring valuable tools and engaging content to all of our 150,000+ readers each month. 

Thanks for showing your support by gettin' that swag on!



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