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Dear Customers,
We’d like to tell you a little tale…
When Finley was just a wee lad in the 6th grade, he took to the stage for the first time as Mr. Bumble in OliverHe had already had his growth spurt and could throw his voice to sound much deeper, so needless to say he was a big hit! MORE?!!!! 

Afterwards, he decided he was more suited to a life off stage, although continued his support at the Box Office. He grew up, had a family, and worked as an electrical engineer, even running a successful marketing and advertising company since 2011. Later in life, he decided he was looking for work with a little more sparkle. ✨✨✨

Around the same time, Ben, the creator of this brand and website, was looking for Theatre Enthusiasts to take over his creation. The fates aligned, and when Finley saw Thespian Swag, he knew he and his family were the right people for the job. 

Finley and MK at dinner at Fox Bros BBQ!

In March 2020, when the world changed with COVID-19, MK was left without a job for the first time ever, but she wasn’t frightened because we decided, as a family, to take this opportunity to change our lives for the better and do something we were passionate about: enter Thespian Swag.🎶🎼


For MK, a performer since Day One, the theatre and Broadway community offered a space to dream big and be bigger. For now, that means providing top-notch care for our fellow Broadway nerds and Thespians in the most stylish way possible! After the birth of her second child, Laura, Finley’s daughter-in-law, decided to join the ranks and help out with her beautiful designs and helpful insights on social media. MK and Laura work together to make sure the fans are heard about new designs and provide all the memes only Theatre People understand! 😂😂😂

Laura and her daughter Sofia!

We are proud members of the Broadway Makers Alliance, a community of hardworking, loving people that not only provide opportunities for growth, but support in this niche of the world. The mission of the BMA is to work together, when the world would oftentimes tell us to compete against each other. We lift each other up and work together to fill the hearts of all fans with as much Broadway as possible!! 💖💖💖

 In addition to the work we do with BMA, we are always looking for ways to help our fellow theatre nerds across the country. This often comes in the form of providing support for fundraising and community awareness. We continue to seek more ways to help and invite anyone to reach out for new partnerships! We offer wholesale and custom orders to help spread the love of theatre far and wide, at an affordable price! We are thankful to all of our partners that help us help the community we love! 

Some of our partners!

We are committed to appreciation for our customers, enthusiasm for All Things Theatre, and, as always, a reverence for the Stage. We look forward to growing this business to foster even more the wonderful community we have always called home.  🎭🎭🎭

Thespian Swag Act II


  1. Create a fun (and sometimes funny) way for thespians to show their pride and share in community together.
  2. Provide amazing products and outstanding customer service.
  3. Support, encourage, love and respect our customers, employees & theatre community.

To learn more about our Core Beliefs, please head over to our blog here: https://thespianswag.com/blogs/thes-blog/core-beliefs-explained

Continuing the Thespian Swag mentality is our way of sharing that bond by wearing our pride on our sleeves, literally!  :-)





Finley Williamson is the owner and operator of Vortext Marketing LLC.  www.vortextmarketing.com